Raymond Sanchez, MD

Psychiatrist with over twenty years of academic, medical and pharmaceutical industry experience (CNS, Sleep/Circadian Rhythms, Analgesia and Digital Health) with a proven history of global asset development resulting in regulatory approvals in multiple indications and formulations in compounds such as Abilify, Abilify Maintena, and Rexulti, including the first FDA approved small molecule/digital medication to monitor patient ingestion, Abilify MyCite. Executive medical leadership overseeing global development portfolios from early phase to late-stage programs with specific innovative study designs having significant business impact. Effective interactions and negotiations with FDA, EMA, Health Canada, PMDA (Japan) and TGA (Australia) as clinical lead on several regulatory submissions.

Additionally, strategic oversight of the Rexulti dual-indication launch in the US as well as medical affairs leadership with life-cycle management development and execution in the US, EU and Japan. Strong global network of academic and regulatory experts as well as clinical investigators with a history of effective collaboration and outcomes. Extensive business development experience with due diligence of potential assets and alliance acquisitions and management as well as leveraging new technological approaches to pharmaceutical development. Experience in building pharmaceutical development organizations, including capital formation and infrastructure build. Dr. Sanchez is a founding member and, currently, Chief Medical Officer of Cerevel Therapeutics, a company dedicated to advancing treatments in neuroscience in Cambridge, MA.

He is the recipient of the prestigious ‘Top 100 Leaders in Healthcare’ award by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH). Trustee, Board of Directors, Connecticut Mental Health Center Foundation, Yale School of Medicine, as well as other non-for-profit organizations.

Favorite Life Reentry Activity

I have devoted my life and career to working diligently with others in developing novel therapies to treat neuroscience diseases. Having experienced devastating central nervous system illnesses in both personal and professional ways, designing and executing clinical trials that lead to the approval of new medicines is a vocation that I am privileged to undertake alongside many talented individuals. Additionally, we strive to seek bringing health care solutions to many individuals as well as institutions that are in need of these modalities. To this end, my life long activity affords me the opportunity to continue to surround myself closely with many individuals that enhance me as a person and my life as a journey.

Raymond’s Why

I have learned that each individual person brings their unique value and approach to life and the people they touch. To that end, their impact is limited when they experience loss or illness, whether it be through the death of a loved one or having undergone a serious illness personally or with someone that they have known well. To that end, life as they knew it changes and re-integration into a unique and productive life diminishes unless they have options available that allow them to reconnect with life through family, friends, colleagues and others, but importantly with themselves. The Life Re-entry model is not only a unique method and approach by which a person can regain their identity and worth in life, but it’s a journey of self-exploration, clarity and evaluation of how to best re-integrate into a life that renders one productive, hopeful, and allows for others to be impacted by this unique individual that has undergone trauma in any way. As a physician dedicated to bringing novel therapies and healthcare solutions to others, the Life Re-entry mission through its Foundation, allows me to be part of supporting and fostering this critical approach to the millions of individuals, worldwide, that can benefit from its approach and eventual productive outcome.