Pamela Perry, MS

Pamela Perry was appointed Vice President of Clinical Operations and Quality Management at Cerevel Therapeutics in 2019. Pam’s success as an experienced executive research professional with over 23 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in critical care, epidemiology, and central nervous system pursuits has led to diverse accomplishments in the clinical and life sciences. She has a proven track record in the Clinical and Quality management space resulting in multiple regulatory approvals, inclusive of aripiprazole (Abilify), Abilify Maintena® and daptomycin (Cubicin®). She has also been a guest speaker at various clinical and management conferences over many years, as well as an author on several scientific publications.

Pam’s career began as a Critical Care nurse in Boston, where she developed a passion for supporting her patients and their families. This has been at the core of her motivation for developing novel treatments for patients with neuroscience diseases, inclusive of the growth and development of individuals in the departments she leads. Over the years and given her background, Pam has been instrumental in supporting those who have experienced loss, fueling her desire to support and contribute to the Life Reentry® Model through the Life Reentry Foundation and the millions of individuals worldwide that will
benefit from this endeavor.

Favorite Life Reentry Activity

Travel and family bring her joy; nothing is better than when these two worlds collide!

Pam’s Why

It is my great privilege to support the efforts of the Life Reentry® Model and its founder, Christina Rasmussen, through my position on the Board. I’m inspired by both the need and the science that drives this important work.

Although I’ve been working in the drug development space for well over twenty years, my many years of critical care nursing continuously exposed me to the stages of grief. Patients, family, and care givers all faced loss in some fashion, some more impactfully than others. While I loved the more technical parts of my job, I developed a real passion for supporting those who were trying to navigate the unfamiliar and often terrifying waters. Now having an opportunity support the movement from a seemingly endless cycle of grief to a new frame of mind is so rewarding.

So how to do this in a way that is scalable and sustainable? Focused education with a broad reach is the answer; teach the Life Reentry Model to those who are influencers …. teachers, business leaders, health care providers and military personnel to name a few. Our goal is to provide a way for all people to have the opportunity to move beyond loss to live a fulfilling life. I’m so proud to play a role in bringing this basic human need to those who will benefit.